Two generations of product development


Jorma Nevaranta worked as Valtra’s Product Development Manager and his son Tuomas is now Director of Product Management. Together, they have decades of work experience developing new Valtra products. While many practices have moved forward, many aspects – such as the company’s genuine customer focus – have been carefully preserved from one decade to the next. Naturally, this customer focus too has taken on new forms over time. If in the 1990s it meant developing power boost for the PTO, in the 2020s customer focus means features like the easy-to-use SmartTouch user interface.

In the following video, father and son compare their experiences with product development at Valtra over the decades. A significant change has been the establishment of a separate organisation for product management. This was based on the AGCO model and has clearly benefitted the speed and structures of product development processes, making sure that the right products are developed at the right time and for the right needs

Valtra Engineering and Product Management: Nevaranta