Valtra G Series front loaders are ready to go to work anywhere. With a selection of tool carriers available, they’re compatible most types of implement, making them ideal for everything from farm work to forestry, to road maintenance, grass cutting, airport operations, snow removal, and other municipal tasks.

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Built for a purpose

Valtra tractors are designed to work flawlessly with G Series front loaders. With their sloping bonnet and large windows you get excellent visibility at all loader positions. The tight turning radius is unchanged by the loader, and the maintenance points are easy to reach on both the loader and the tractor.

Factory fitted

Each G Series front loader subframe is integrated into the tractor chassis at the factory, with multiple anchor points for superior strength. The subframe gets the same high quality painting and surface treatment as the rest of the tractor, to ensure long-lasting Valtra durability.

Smart when you need it

Valtra’s unique Precision Lift & Load feature takes your work to the next level. It weighs the load, stores task data and makes your work astronomically smart. Reduce your stress levels by automating selectable actions, such as shaking bucket and returning the loader to the work position. You can control and adjust it right from the SmartTouch armrest. Watch the video to see it in action!

Valtra front loaders

Valtra A-Serie mit Frontlader und Ballengabel

Upgrade your work

  • 12 models / 7 with parallel linkage, 5 without parallel linkage
  • Compatible with tractors from 50 hp to 300 hp
  • Maximum lift heights from 3.20 m to 4.75 m
  • Maximum lift capacity from 1750 kg to 3500 kg
  • New heavy duty subframe design
  • Improved operator visibility
  • Improved crowd and dump angles
  • New implement locking with Clic-on function
  • New generation SoftDrive
  • New tool carrier
  • New SmartTouch control with Versu and Direct models


  • Factory-fitted front loader and subframe
  • Small turning radius even with front loader
  • Ergonomic controls and excellent visibility
  • 50% better durability
  • 50% decreased pressure drops over the loader
  • 100% increased SoftDrive action/travel
  • 30% better visibility
  • Reduced loader weights
  • Extended reach


1. Strong loader boom

The heavy duty boom arms have an 80 mm wide arm profile for unrivalled strength. Cast and forged components are used at the arm ends, at the “knee” and at the rear of the beam for extra strength at crucial points on the loader.

5. Lock & Go couplings

The Lock & Go quick couplings allow the loader to be attached and detached in less than a minute. There are no loose parts and no tools are required.

9. Support legs

Easy-to-use support legs are fitted in the loader beams for easy decoupling. The loader can rest fully on the heavy duty support legs, making it quick and easy to attach and detach your Valtra loader.

13. Clic-on

Clic-on mechanical locking gives you a safe, ergonomic and automatic locking action. The locking mechanism can only be activated if the implement is positioned correctly, ensuring safe implement attachment. And the yellow handle clearly indicates if it is in the locked or unlocked position.

2. Hydraulic piping

The hydraulic piping is protected inside the beams and all visible hoses are braided to protect them from dirt and damage.


6. Bearing box

The bearing box has an all new design with a strong steel profile. The compact design allows the locking pin to be shorter and stronger, and the wide U support provides maximum stability.

10. SoftDrive loader suspension

SoftDrive dampens shocks and vibrations on the front loader, protecting the loader, implements and tractor from damage. SoftDrive is activated from the operator’s cab with an electric on/off switch.

14. Tool Carrier

The tool carrier rotates 180° making implement hooks clearly visible from the cab. This makes it easy to attach implements correctly, increasing efficiency and safety.

3. 30% better visibility

The curved and chamfered design combined with the low “knee” and low placed crossbeam give an increased field of vision with 30% better visibility, and no pipes or hoses restrict your view.

7. Super strong subframes

The precision machined Valtra subframe is extraordinarily heavy-duty and has multiple anchor points for extra strength. The new structure offers maximum loading capacity without affecting turning radius or visibility.

11. Cross beam

The round and low placed crossbeam provides excellent stiffness, torsional force absorption and durability. It is placed low to ensure good visibility and even weight distribution between the loader and the tractor.

15. Precise Self Levelling

The self-levelling function provides precise, automatic control of your implement’s position. Once the implement angle is set it will stay in position through the whole range of the loader’s movement with no loss of lift force.

4. Hydraulic implement locking

With hydraulic implement locking you can change implements without leaving the driver’s seat. You control locking with a joystick and the yellow indicator handle on the tool carrier lets you see if it is in the locked or unlocked position from the cabin.

8. Pivot pins

All pins are galvanised and are equipped with unique pin lock. The locking hinges now use higher quality steel and the tool carrier has a new extra strong pivot locking pin on the most critical joint. A hinged locking plate with a compact rubber ring prevents axial play, keeps the lubrication grease in place and fixes the pin on both sides.

12. Central valve

All the hydraulic sources are located in the centre of the loader’s crossbeam. This gives immediate, precise control and distributes the oil evenly to both sides. All the components are protected by a durable protective cover.

Tractor functions

1. Large windows

The large convex windows give a wide viewing angle in all directions so you can see the front wheels and implements clearly. The large roof window also ensures a clear view of the front loader, even when it is raised.

5. Pre-programmable Powershift

Pre-programme the desired Powershift gear and it will engage automatically when you change driving direction. For example, when you work with the front loader and change direction to go forwards, Powershift 1 can be engaged, and when you drive backwards, Powershift 3 can be engaged. Available in all Powershift models.

2. Hydraulic assistant

The patented hydraulic assistant automatically adjusts engine revs and hydraulic pump capacity according to the load without affecting the driving speed. It ensures optimal hydraulic output at all times. For Versu models, optional on Active and HiTech models, for N and T Series all models.

6. AutoTraction

With AutoTraction you can use Powershift to drive the tractor without pressing the clutch. Simply apply the brakes to stop the tractor and release the brakes to start the tractor moving again. For HiTech, Active and Versu models.

3. Controls

A choice of controls offering everything from direct mechanical control to advanced electrical control and the fully programmable SmartTouch armrest.


7. Turbine clutch simulation

The turbine clutch simulation is for drivers who need a soft start in their front loader work with no wheel slip. The shuttle clutch automatically regulates the pulling force. There is no risk of the clutch slipping with turbine clutch simulation – if the clutch starts to slip the hydrostatic unit will slow the tractor down – even to a total stop. For Direct models.

4. An unobstructed view

The sloping bonnet gives a clear view in front, and the exhaust pipe and the engine air intake pipes are carefully placed so they are not visible while driving and working.

8. Hitrol Turbine Clutch

A unique Valtra feature, the turbine clutch makes starts and shuttle changes smooth and solid. This makes attaching implements, reversing and other short movements precise and safe. For N104-N124 models models.



Ergodrive can be fitted to HiTech and Active models. Ergodrive gives you straightforward mechanical control of your front loader. The Ergodrive lever is conveniently located next to the driver and it also gives you access to the quick coupling function, and integrates control of the 3rd and 4th loader functions. HiTech models are also available with a turbine clutch option, providing extra convenience and precision for front loader and municipal applications.

Electrical armrest

The electrical armrest gives you easy electrical control of the front loader. The joystick lets you operate the front loader as well as giving you control of the 3rd and 4th functions. It also includes buttons for float activation and a decompression button for the 3rd and 4th functions. The electrical armrest is only available for the A4 Series. Additional armrest controls for Softdrive, hydraulic implement locking and loader on/off are available for A4H4 models.

Control armrest

N and T Series Hitech and Active models can also be fitted with a control armrest, which includes a drive lever and a dedicated hydraulics joystick. The joystick gives you precise mechanical control of the front loader, including the hydraulic implement locking and control of the 3rd and 4th functions. The control armrest also includes buttons for switching the front hydraulics on and off, for hydraulic implement locking, for Softdrive and for changing over the front lift/front loader. You can also control implements that are mounted to the front loader and coupled to a front linkage.

All N4 & T4 models with front valves come with a hydraulic assistant that automatically increases the engine revs to assist front loader work. Live3 control is available for new 2019 models.


Versu and Direct models come with the Smart- Touch armrest fully integrated and it gives you precise electronic control of all front loader and hydraulic functions. SmartTouch is designed to reduce your workload and makes operating your front loader and your tractor easier than ever. SmartTouch includes a multifunctional drive lever, a 9” touch screen and a hydraulic joystick for front loader control. You can customise the hydraulic functions to suit your work and your needs by assigning specific functions to the drive lever, hydraulic controls and memory buttons.



LOADERS TRACTOR MODEL Tractor PTO hp range Tractor weight (max) Specified pressure Specified flow Arm width Frontloader’s weight
  A N T [hp] [kg] [bar] [l/min] [mm] [kg]
G3 A74-A94     60-100 4.000 195 / 210 50 1.040 450
G3S A74-A94     60-100 4.000 195 / 210 50 1.040 520
G3L A74-A114     60-100 4.000 195 / 210 50 1.040 525
G4 A104-A134 N104-N124   80-140 5.000 195 / 210 60 1.040 515
G4S A104-A134 N104-N124   80-140 5.000 195 / 210 60 1.040 575
G4M   N104-N124   80-140 5.000 195 / 210 60 1.040 575
G4L A104-A134 N104-N174   80-140 5.000 195 / 210 60 1.040 580
G5 A104-A134 N104-N154e   100-180 6.000 195 / 210 80 1.040 560
G5S A104-A134 N104-N174   100-180 6.000 195 / 210 80 1.040 620
G5M   N104-N174   100-180 6.000 195 / 210 80 1.040 620
G5L A104-A134 N104-N174   100-180 6.000 195 / 210 80 1.040 625
G6S   N104-N174 T144-T254 120-220 7.000 195 / 210 90 1.040 / 1.200 720
G6M     T144-T254 120-220 7.000 195 / 210 90 1.040 / 1.200 720
G6L     T144-T254 120-220 7.000 195 / 210 90 1.040 / 1.200 750
G7S     T144-T254 140-280 8.000 195 / 210 90 1.040 / 1.200 760
G7M     T144-T254 140-280 8.000 195 / 210 90 1.040 / 1.200 760
G7L     T144-T254 140-280 8.000 195 / 210 90 1.040 / 1.200 760
LOADERS TRACTOR MODEL Working temperature Lift height at the pivot point Dump angle (max) Rollback angle (max) Re-scooping height Lift capacity to max height
  A N T [°C] [m] [°] [°] [mm] [kg]
G3 A74-A94     -30 / +50 3,90 58 48 -- 1.250
G3S A74-A94     -30 / +50 3,55 58 48 667 1.550
G3L A74-A114     -30 / +50 3,81 53 48 600 1.740
G4 A104-A134 N104-N124   -30 / +50 3,79 58 48 -- 1.290
G4S A104-A134 N104-N124   -30 / +50 3,79 58 48 700 1.980
G4L A104-A134 N104-N174   -30 / +50 4,02 54 49 700 1.780
G5 A104-A134 N104-N154e   -30 / +50 4,06 56 48 -- 1.300
G5S A104-A134 N104-N174   -30 / +50 4,06 57 40 708 1.980
G5M   N104-N174   -30 / +50 4,06 57 48 708 2.300
G5L A104-A134 N104-N174   -30 / +50 4,20 54 48 681 1.930
G6S   N104-N174 T144-T254 -30 / +50   57   718 2.140
G6M     T144-T254 -30 / +50 4,25 57 48 718 2.470
G6L     T144-T254 -30 / +50 4,55 53 52 671 1.980
G7S     T144-T254 -30 / +50   54   706 2.170
G7M     T144-T254 -30 / +50 4,60 54 49 706 2.490
G7L     T144-T254 -30 / +50 4,75 53 51 706 2.490


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