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A Series


You choose Valtra because you know it's a reliable machine. It is easy to use when you are working hard. And with Valtra, you get the lowest total operating costs.

Valtra A Series tractors share many of the features of their big brothers, the N and T Series, but in a very compact form. The A Series is fun to drive, light and agile, but it puts power on the ground and offers plenty of power for your modern implements. As usual, we made no compromises in perfecting our smallest 3 and 4 cylinder working machine.

Ease of use for any job

The A Series makes work easy. It has the power for pulling a plough and the agility for feeding your animals. It offers excellent visibility for precision work and versatility for power-hungry implements. The transmission operation could not be easier. While it is compact on the outside, inside the cab you have plenty of space and comfort. Daily maintenance is simple: checking the fuel, oil and other liquids takes almost no time at all.

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5th generation A Series is here!

New A Series offers many new features

Valtra introduces 5th generation A Series


The popular Valtra A Series, twice the recipient of the Machine of the Year award, in 2017 and in 2019, is going into its 5th generation. The tractor range is now available with many new features that have been requested by customers. The model series continues to comprise seven models to choose from, all of them available as so-called GL-models, which feature an easy-to-use mechanical transmission. The best-selling 105 and 115 horsepower model are also available with a four-step powershift transmission. In these HiTech 4 models, transmission is controlled electronically. All A Series come with Valtra’s renowned shuttle transmission including the integrated handbrake.


Get the job done. Get a Valtra. Your working machine.

Many new features introduced on the A Series

Valtra Team 6/19

The latest A Series makes it possible to get more done in the same amount of time.
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Key features

Reliability, year after year

We know that if we want to get the job done right, we’d better do it ourselves. That’s why we produce the key components of our tractors in-house. We’ve designed and engineered the intelligent chassis, robust transmission and spacious cab ourselves. AGCO Power, the “Sisu”, has been the Valtra engine for more than 60 years. It is the engine that sets the industry standard for reliability.

Low total cost of ownership

Total cost of ownership is about the big picture as well as the small details. The main thing is to have a robust and durable machine that is built for the task at hand. But we’ve gone further in developing innovative technologies and services that lighten the load on your wallet.

  • SCR-only AGCO Power engines give you the best overall liquid economy
  • Select a Valtra Care extended warranty to fix your maintenance costs and get the service contract that suits your needs
  • AGCO Finance helps you to find an optimal solution for your investment 
  • And finally, your Valtra dealer is always there to ensure full performance and the best resale value for your tractor.
valtra a series tractor with frontloader lifting hay bales

Factory-Fitted Front Loader

Valtra tractors come with factory-fitted front loaders that are seamlessly integrated to the chassis at the assembly line. This ensures assembly quality and ergonomically designed controls. As the front loader is an integrated part of the tractor’s design, the front loader has no effect on the tractor’s turning radius. The spacious cab of the A Series is designed to offer excellent visibility during front loader work, and the optional high-visibility roof window enhances visibility even further.

We think it is safe to say that, as a front loader tractor, the A Series is the best in the market. So it comes as no surprise that more than a half of Valtra A Series tractors have been ordered with a factory-fitted front loader.


The A Series is available with an Option Package that makes it quick and easy to select the features you need, at a competitive price point.

For our A Series tractors, you have the opportunity to choose a package for enhanced comfort features and easier applications handling, a definite plus for many kinds of work. 

Finish your A Series machine up with Valtra Unlimited customisation options. 


The Comfort package takes your comfort zone to another level. This package is available for A Series HiTech 4 models.

Options included in the Comfort package:

  • 3 speed PTO 540/540E/1000 ​
  • 3 rear valves​
  • Suspended cab and seat Air Suspended​
  • Passenger seat​
  • Road lights with LED rear lights and upper lights​
  • 4 front + 4 rear work lights
Valtra Custom Candy Apple Green Paint Tractor

Unlimited solutions

Choose your model. Specify accessories and special features. The Valtra Unlimited service creates unlimited possibilities. Get a unique exterior package with a special paint color, or choose interior features such as leather and chrome. Select business applications, like a bottom grader, or special military features. Everything is installed at the factory and covered by the factory warranty. The sky’s no limit!



Technical specifications

  Max Power (ISO 14396)   Transmission Options
Model HP kW NM Cylinders Wheelbase Power Shuttle Creeper
A74 75 56 312 3 2250 x optional
A84 85 63 347 3 2250 x optional
A94 95 71 355 3 2250 x optional
A104 100 75 410 4 2430 x optional
A114 110 82 417 4 2430 x optional
A124 120 89 502 4 2500 x optional
A134 130 97 540 4 2500 x optional






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