Valtra Q Series Tractors

230-305 hp

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Q Series

The all-new Valtra Q Series

The all new Q

The Q Series is a pleasure to work with and a driver's dream. It offers the perfect combination of power, practicality, precision, and performance for enhanced efficiency and profitability. The Q Series is a Quality tractor with a capital Q. That's why Q certified dealers are the only professionals qualified to serve your needs. They represent the best knowledge, service, and aftersales capabilities to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the Q Series' favourable total cost of ownership and smart farming advantages. When your business needs a machine with enough power to handle every task and utilise any implement, the Q Series' 7.4-litre 6-cylinder engine and CVT transmission deliver the power you need when you need it. Consistent torque and high power delivery means you always have the output to get the job done.

Thinks like a Pro

Smart technology comes as standard and is seamlessly integrated into the driver's cab and ergonomically placed for ultimate convenience and ease of use. Everything about the Q Series is intelligently designed to maximise visibility and all-day comfort. SmartTouch user profiles make switching between drivers and tasks quick and easy. Advanced telemetry allows easy and seamless fleet management and FMIS integration and ensures 101% uptime. Get more done and do it well with the Q Series.

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Red Dot Award: Product Design

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Thinks like a Pro. Works like a Beast

Power without direction is useless. You need to have focus and the intelligence to apply that power effectively and efficiently. The Q Series is a high horsepower tractor with the technology to accomplish any smart farming task. Think of it as a high-quality precision tool for increasing productivity and profitability.

Low total cost of ownership

Reliability, predictability, fuel efficiency, ease of use, and the technology to make your work more efficient -The Q Series is a Pro that maximises your profits.

Save fuel

Save fuel, automatically, as the best driveline on the market and advanced transmission management through SmartTouch always ensure low working revs. Keep working longer and don't worry about downtime, thanks to the Q Series' longer service intervals and quicker, easier servicing.

Save inputs

In the field, the Q Series' easy-to-use start-of-the-art smart farming features save time, inputs, and money. On the go, Valtra's smart telemetry solution, Connect, makes identifying potential work efficiencies easy across your entire Q Series fleet. Save time on paperwork in the office as TaskDoc Pro makes managing data transfer between your Q Series and your FMIS system simple.

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Q features

The best smart farming high horsepower tractor on the market.

The best Beast

Everything about the Q demonstrates quality with a capital Q! The Q Series has the best driveline on the market; made with care and quality by the happiest people in the world in Finland. 

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Tackle any terrain in any condition, and handle any implement with ease and fuel efficiency thanks to the market-leading 7.4 litre 6-cylinder AGCO Power engine which has the displacement to deliver the power you need. The Q Series is easy to operate and easy on your wallet. The high horsepower engine (up to 305 hp) works in harmony with the market-leading CVT transmission to ensure low working revs for greater fuel efficiency and less strain on the tractor. An easy-to-use boost function gives you that extra push when you need it most. Save on maintenance and running costs with features like the single non-variable turbo and hydraulic lash adjustment. Take the stress out of driving as the intelligent driveline and SmartTouch automatics direct the power to the ground, implement, or PTO wherever it is needed, always automatically finding the right revs, for maximum efficiency.  

A Beast built for business with the power, intelligence, and versatility to maximise productivity.

A Pro of power and profit

Real Pros choose the Q Series. Reliability, predictability, fuel efficiency, ease of use, and the technology to make your work more efficient -The Q Series is a Pro when it comes to maximising your profits.

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Save fuel, automatically, as the best driveline on the market and advanced transmission management through SmartTouch always ensure low working revs, whether in the field or on the road. Keep working longer and don't worry about downtime, thanks to the Q Series' longer service intervals and quicker, easier servicing.

Get more done and work with any implement thanks to the Q Series' unique combination of long wheelbase (3050 mm), high visibility, agility, high payload, and efficient hydraulics.

In the field, the Q Series' easy-to-use start-of-the-art smart farming features save time, inputs, and money. On the go, Valtra's smart telemetry solution, Connect, makes identifying potential work efficiencies easy across your entire Q Series fleet, any time, anywhere. In the office, TaskDoc Pro makes managing farming and contracting tasks and data transfer between your Q Series and your FMIS system simple and reduces time spent on paperwork.

Your high-quality machine deserves high-quality service.

101% uptime and complete control

No worries. Only workYour Q certified dealer is always there for you. You can expect the very highest quality service with a capital Q! All Q certified dealers offer comprehensive and flexible financing and owning options tailored to your individual needs, giving you complete financial control. You can rely on your Q certified dealer to keep you working efficiently as they have the best expert knowledge in your local area on machinery and smart farming technologies. 

Get set up and get to work.

You and your drivers will experience the Q Series' productivity benefits from day one with a comprehensive machine handover process to ensure your Q Series is professionally set up with all your implements and smart farming features.

Connect, Care, and Go puts total peace of mind in your hands. You can choose to include service costs to accurately budget your costs over time and see the real low cost of ownership of your Q Series.

With Connect, you are always connected with your dealer. Using the latest diagnostic tools, your trusted Q service partner can monitor the status of your Q Series and together you can schedule service appointments for when it suits you best.

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Enjoyable to drive, easy to operate and a pleasure to work with

Comfort and convenience

The Q Series delivers the most comfortable driving experience you will find, with the most ergonomic cab you can imagine.

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The Q series gives you a smooth ride all day. Every day.

Valtra is the only brand that offers AIRES front axle air suspension as standard. It's like driving on air. With no changes in viscosity, air suspension ensures you get a guaranteed smooth ride, no matter the weather. 

Swapping shifts between drivers is quick and easy, and super safe. The easily accessible 4-step access to the air-suspended AutoComfort cab is designed to be safe, easy to clean, and is illuminated for safety. Drivers can set up the Q the way they want with the easily adjustable steering column, and programable and easily switchable SmartTouch driver profiles. Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter throughout the whole cab. Automatic air conditioning and thoughtfully placed air vents ensure a pleasurable working environment all day long. Long days are comfortable thanks to ergonomic and comfortable seating options including the Evolution seating with both heating and cooling functions.

Keep your head up and your eyes on the road with the A-Pillar display, which increases your comfort, convenience, and safety. On the road, the A-Pillar automatically dims non-essential information so the driver can concentrate on driving.

Built for sustainability

Farming for today and tomorrow

Everything about the Q Series is designed to reduce inputs, maximise yields, and assist you in reaching your sustainability goals, and easily report them.

More about sustainability

Be sustainable and save fuel. 

The Q Series has the most fuel-efficient driveline in this horsepower segment, saving you up to 10% fuel.

Protect your investment - your soil. The Q Series' long wheelbaselow operating weight of 9200 kg, and high payload help reduce soil compaction, while the optional smart central tyre inflation system minimises soil compaction in the field and optimises fuel consumption on the road. The Q Series' smart farming technologies automatically eliminate overlaps, saving up to 5% on inputs while improving yields. Improve efficiencies across your entire fleet, save fuel, and reduce emissions with The Q's intelligent telemetry, Connect. Easily record and report your performance with TaskDoc Pro for easy transfer of data between your Q Series and FMIS.

You're serious about sustainability. So are we. The Q Series is built in one of the world's most sustainable tractor factories in Suolahti, Finland, which is run entirely on renewable energy. When your Q Series leaves Suolahti it will have its tank first filled with Neste My renewable diesel which has up to 90% lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil diesel.

Work, no matter what the weather. 24/7

365 night and day visibility

With 6.5 square metres of glass, a market-leading 270-degree wiper, and excellent working lights, you will be able to see what you are doing –see well in every situation. 

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Conceiving the Beast

We listened to our customers. You asked for a bigger T Series. We delivered the best tractor we have ever designed and built. See how we put all our agronomic know-how to use to make sure our customers get the full benefit of easy-to-use smart farming features and the Q Series' low total cost of ownership.   

Experience the Q


Q225 230 169 250 184
1000 1100
Q245 245 180 265 195
1100 1200
Q265 265 195 290
213 1200 1280
Q285 285
210 305 224 1280 1280
Q305 305
224 305 224 1280 1280

See specifications table for further engine data. Q225 - Q285: the boost values are available at road speeds as well as when power consumption from the hydraulics or in PTO increases and the tractor is moving.

With the Q 305 model, the transport boost steps in gradually and can be utilised at all speeds. The Q 305 model's boost is available for PTO use even when the tractor is stationary (tractor ground speed is 0 km/h).

Q Features

Q Features

Works like a Beast

Smart Power

Thinks like a Pro

Smart Technology

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The large engine is only the tip of the iceberg

The power you need from the Q Series to work like a Beast is intelligently employed and directed to where you need it when you need it.

The EcoPower concept is built for heavy pulling, ensuring the high torque and solid sturdiness of the tried and tested AGCO engine is utilised at low revs and remains consistently high throughout the 1500 to 1800 rpm range. Maximum power is reached at 1850 rpm.

A reliable engine


The Q Series' tried and tested 6-cylinder 7.4-litre AGCO Power engine is a popular and proven winner from Valtra's T Series tractor.

Intelligent innovations like single non-variable geometry turbo improve efficiency, while the hydraulic lash adjustment ensures easy and cost-effective servicing. The sophisticated yet robust exhaust after-treatment not only makes the engine run cleaner but also reduces engine congestion, for smoother running and lower service costs. With NO exhaust recirculation, the Q's engine remains clean and efficient. The air intake is placed higher for cleaner, fresher air.


Save fuel and lower emissions without compromising on power. Valtra's low rpm, max power, concept, known as EcoPower is used throughout the entire Q Series range. In the Q305 boost power is always available. Other models feature a straightforward boost feature to provide extra power when you need it most. Transport boost is fully available when ground speed reaches 18 km/h, while Sigma Power boosts the PTO if used on the go. In the Q305 this feature is also available when stationary.


Get more done with less stress for you and the engine as all Q Series have a low rated speed of 1950 rpm. Maximum power is reached at 1850 rpm, and the power output remains reliably high in the range of 1500 to 1800 rpm. Thanks to the Permatorque feature, at low revs of 1000 to 1500 rpm the Q Series achieves an excellent 1280 Nm of torque!

A trusted transmission


The Q Series CVT transmission was designed and developed in-house by AGCO, in Germany, ensuring a perfect fit with Valtra.


Paring a tried and trusted 6-cylinder engine with a proven, reliable CVT transmission has given rise to a winning powertrain you can rely on to deliver the power you need when you need it.


The Q Series has the smoothest ride possible thanks to the smart CVT transmission that offers smooth stepless power delivery, even at low revs, saving fuel. Just power when you need it.

The power train is simple and easy to manage through the SmartTouch user interface. The transmission can be operated in two modes - manual and automatic. Automatic mode offers unparalleled ease of use. In automatic mode, the Q Series electronic transmission management automatically selects the lowest possible engine revs to maintain the lowest fuel consumption. You work the way you want and let the Q think like a Pro for you. The driver simply sets the speed using the drive pedal, drive lever, or cruise control, whichever best suits the driver or task. With droop control the operator can change the behaviour of the tractor for even more economic or intensive operating to save either fuel or time, depending on your cost-saving preferences.


You can easily get the Q Series to work in the most efficient way. When more power is needed, in automatic mode the engine will automatically increase revs to match the workload. When the power requirement decreases the engine revs automatically decrease, saving fuel.

The CVT transmission has two work areas, A and B which both start at 0 km/h. A is made for fieldwork and heavy pulling tasks while B is ideal for road driving. Reverse speeds are up to 38 km/h.


Just sit back, relax, and let the Q Series do the hard work! The CVT transmission ensures the correct engine speed for any work. In most cases, this is just under 1500 r/min. This helps to keep fuel consumption low while maintaining the capacity to easily clear peak loads.

Superior supension


At Valtra, we consider your comfort our responsibility. Long days in the field and on the road needn't take their toll. Your work environment needs to be relaxing, safe, and comfortable. The all-new Q Series is designed around the driver with air suspended cab and luxurious seating options to provide maximum comfort and ergonomics all day long.


The Q Series comes with the optional AutoComfort cab suspension system which automatically adjusts to different driving conditions and situations, instantaneously.

AutoComfort utilizes Valtra’s CANbus system to continuously communicate between shock absorbers, position sensors, and a control unit, adjusting the stiffness of the shock absorbers constantly, based on movement data from the position sensor and information on the position of the shuttle and brakes provided by CANbus. Air springs on the cab maintain a steady height regardless of load.


Unlike oil, air does not suffer from changes in viscosity as the temperature fluctuates. This means with the Aires front axle suspension you can be assured that your ride will be consistently smooth even through the hot summer or on the coldest of winter days.

Heavy-weight hydraulics


The Q Series has heavy-duty load sensing hydraulics, made for working with big implements - with big needs. The separate hydraulic oil reservoir has a capacity of 75 litres. All of which is available for implements. The implement hoses are easy to fit due to the easy-to-use decompressing levers.


The Q Series is a beast that can lift 4800 kg at the front and 10000 kg at the rear linkage. The standard hydraulic pump delivers 200+ l/min at nominal engine revs and with the ECO option this flow is achieved already at 1650 rpm. Being a real Pro, all hydraulic controls are managed electronically from the SmartTouch interface and their functions and settings can be integrated into the comprehensive but easy-to-use U-pilot headland management.

Work late. Work light.


Turn night into day with the Q Series' comprehensive and smart lighting options. In addition to the comprehensive LED work light package, superior LED driving lights are also available. Stylish LED daytime running lights are standard.

Intelligent lighting automation and control with SmartTouch means you can see what you're doing, and concentrate on the task at hand.


Working long hours into the evening, you need to see more than just what's in front of you. You need to see everything around you. LED daytime driving lights meet road standards and are automatically turned on and off according to what other lights are selected. The two-piece upper headlights offer superior illumination and can be used in both lower (dipped) and upper (full beam) positions.

Work lights are thoughtfully mounted around the tractor to provide 360-degree illumination. The energy-efficient integrated front LED working lights in Valtra's 'hockey-stick' form give a combined 8000 lumens of lighting where you need it most. The other eight work lights provide bright illumination all around the tractor.

The SkyView cab option comes with two additional work lights mounted to the rear. Another nice detail is the detachable flashlight/torch which is located just inside the cab.

Of course, the lighting story doesn't end there. With a range of additional work and safety lights available from Unlimited, the possibilities are endless.


Working light configuration can be swiftly and easily managed from the SmartTouch terminal. However, the Q Series also offers several automated options that make your life easier. The auto-beacons automatically come on when the tractor is moving at more than 25 km/h. Similarly, the cornering lights also automatically engage when the tractor is turning, and the rear work lights automatically come on when reversing. The Q Series' 'follow-me-home' function keeps the front waist-level working lights on for 30 seconds after you leave the cab.

A well balanced beast


Minimise soil compaction and maximise yields. With an operating weight of 9200 Kg and a max gross weight of 16 T, the Q Series is an agile Beast with a huge payload. The low height, long wheelbase, and light frame give the Q Series an excellent low centre of gravity. An array of ballasting options means that the Beast can get heavy when needed -just configure the Q Series for the implement and task at hand. You can spread the weight accordingly while avoiding unnecessary soil compaction.


From the ground up, your soil is your best resource. Better soil health means better yields. When soil gets compacted, it becomes less porous. This negatively impacts drainage, the exchange of gasses between the air and soil, and ultimately the soil's microbiome. A healthy soil structure and microbiome equate directly to better plant health and higher yields. Avoiding soil compaction, therefore, has to be a priority.

The Q Series is a big Beast that is gentle on the soil. When heavy tractors drive on friable soil they sink in creating a ridge of soil on the leading edge of the tyre that creates resistance. A low machine weight means the Q Series sinks into the soil less. In turn, the so-called bulldozing effect where soil builds up in front of the wheel is reduced. Even a slight sinkage of 1 cm can impact fuel consumption by as much as 10%.

Weight distribution is perfectly balanced thanks to the 41% front axle / 59% rear axle division. Ballasting options allow operators to spread the weight across the tractor according to the needs of different tasks and implements. This prevents slippage and smearing of the soil. Optional automated tyre inflation systems increase the surface area of the tyres in contact with the soil, according to conditions, minimising compaction.

Even light compaction can take its toll over time. Smart Technologies like Valtra Guide and Section Control come as standard with the Q Series. These technologies allow you to use the same waylines year after year with no drift and get more done in fewer passes. Less driving on the soil results in less compaction and increased yields.


Front ballasting options from 600 Kg to 2400 Kg and belly weight ballasting mean you can configure the Q Series exactly as you need it to work with large implements or work tread lightly when you need. Rear-wheel weights can easily be added to maintain good traction.

Counterweight options

Belly and wheel weight options

Complete comfort


The Q Series is a pleasure to work with and a dream to drive. The Q is also a Pro when it comes to health and safety. The combination of the excellent ride position, high amount of glass, and clever positioning of exhaust and other elements mean the operator has a clear and unobstructed view all day long. No more twisting and turning in the seat to get a good view. You'll finish your work day in as good a condition as when you started. Clever design details such as innovative storage and the large coolbox combined with the premium interior and excellent air conditioning to make your work environment as comfortable and efficient as possible.

The Q Series really takes the stress out of operating a high horsepower tractor for long days. With integrated smart technology, drivers can take full advantage of Valtra Guide to navigate through the field and with SmartTurn automatically turn the tractor at the headland.


Taking inspiration from the popular, tried and tested T Series cab, Valtra has designed the Q Series to be ergonomic and provide all-day comfort for the driver. As you step into the air-suspended cab using the easy 4 step access, you notice the Quality and attention to detail. The 6.2 m2 of glass gives unparalleled visibility, enhanced by the 270-degree front wiper and full 180-degree side wiper. The Pro feeling continues as you sit in the premium, Air-conditioned (option), seat, which automatically adjusts to the driver's weight.

The Q Series work environment is physically and digitally customisable to maximise your comfort and productivity. The steering wheel is quickly and easily adjusted using the steering wheel tilt pedal. Similarly, SmartTouch driver profiles can be stored and easily recalled when switching shifts.



The Q Series has creative climate control solutions. Heating comes from the leg area and rises up to heat the whole cab. Cooling air conditioning comes from around the upper body, helping you keep a cool head. In total, 12 air vents ensure fresh air is distributed evenly around the cab.


The Q Series stylish interior includes a leather steering wheel, a dark material palette and chrome detailing. Charge your phone while you work with the premium phone holder and two 18 w USB charging ports.


Take calls and manage your media right from SmartTouch with phone integration.


The Q Series comes with an integrated coolbox to keep your lunch cool on long hot days.

Q Features

Q Features

Works like a Beast

Smart Power

Thinks like a Pro

Smart Technology

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Smart farming

Smart farming is essential to more efficient, profitable, and sustainable agriculture. Our innovative and popular SmartTouch armrest puts the power of smart farming at your fingertips. Tasks are managed with simple and familiar swipe and tap movements, just like a smartphone... only easier! Operator profiles and tasks can easily be shared between tractors in a fleet, meaning any driver can step into any cab and get to work straight away.


The award-winning Valtra SmartTouch armrest user interface is a complete operating environment designed to be ergonomic and intuitive.

9-inch touchscreen

SmartTouch features an easy-to-use 9-inch touchscreen and multifunctional lever. The multifunctional lever puts ultimate control in the hands of the operator with an easy and ergonomic vertical design where the tractor's speed can be managed using only the multifunction lever. In addition, using the lever, operators can control the powerlift, hydraulics, and ISOBUS implements.

A Joystick that's a joy to use

Valtra's innovative and ergonomic SmartTouch joystick is a fully programmable hydraulic control for front and rear-mounted implements. The live third function lever can be programmed to control your most common function while still manoeuvring with the joystick.



The SmartTouch Extend second terminal is the perfect addition to SmartTouch for advanced ISOBUS applications. Configure and display your ISOBUS implement or Valtra Guide operations right at your fingertips and at eye level to get a full picture of your operation for enhanced productivity. SmartTouch Extend can also be used as a camera display.



Valtra SmartTouch offers the easiest headland management system. With Auto U-Pilot, you can configure your sequence by recording while driving or programming it when stationary using the 9” touch screen. The M1, M2 and M3 buttons can be programmed for three completely different sequences - which can manage up to 24 operations each. All settings are saved in the appropriate profile (e.g. ploughing).



Increase rear visibility and safety by using the SmartTouch touchscreen as a camera display.



With SmartTouch, SmartTouch Extend and the A-Pillar display, the Q Series cab turns into a smart cockpit displaying all the information you need to work efficiently, comfortably, and productively.


The large A-Pilar console is located at eye level and within easy reach to improve the safety and convenience of the driver. The clear display shows all the tractor information the operator needs when working. Key information is easily and instinctively controlled, by a simple rotating encoder and two buttons. On the road, the A-Pillar display automatically dims non-essential information so the driver can concentrate on the road.


The top of the display shows essential information such as your ground speed, clock time, engine RPM and fuel levels, prioritising the information you need to work efficiently and safely. When needed, the rest of the display can be dimmed to minimise distractions.


The middle and lower screens show the tractor’s transmission status and performance, including CVT settings and cruise speeds. Drivers can configure the two lower areas of the screen to display information that is essential to their tasks and individual needs.


Key information and warning lights are displayed in two rows of LED lights that light up when needed, ensuring the driver is immediately aware of any potential issues and improving safety and uptime.

The Q Series is a smart farming Pro that makes your work easier, faster, more efficient, and more productive. Valtra's smart farming technologies work seamlessly together – Valtra Guide, ISOBUS, Section Control with Multiboom, Variable Rate Control, Valtra Auto U-Pilot, and SmartTurn, to improve accuracy, profitability and sustainability.

All smart farming features are controlled smartly and simply from the SmartTouch user interface. Task profiles can be stored so that it only takes a few swipes and taps to start tasks. Your Q certified dealer has expert smart farming knowledge and is there to make sure your smart farming features are set up and running straight away.


Valtra and ISOBUS

With Valtra SmartTouch and ISOBUS, you can work with any ISOBUS-compatible implement, from any manufacturer. SmartTouch lets you connect implements quickly and easily, plus it gives you the high level of control that precision farming demands. The ISOBUS standard (ISO 11783) is what makes this possible. ISOBUS makes compatible implements “Plug and Play”, so when you connect the implement to your Valtra tractor, all the relevant machine data is uploaded to the terminal without any extra cables or screens blocking visibility.

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Valtra Guide


Valtra Guide is our auto-guidance solution and is the easiest to use on the market. It has been developed based on real user feedback. The automatic steering uses GPS to follow waylines precisely and reduces overlaps, saving you time, fuel and money. Minimising the need to steer, means new and seasoned drivers alike can concentrate on the implement and the job at hand, increasing precision and safety while reducing fatigue, overlap, and time spent in the field.

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Variable Rate Control

Variable Rate Control

Variable Rate Control automatically adjusts the application rate of the implement according to the pre-planned prescription map. By automatically applying the pre-planned amount of inputs on each part of the field, one can optimize the yield potential of each field and save a significant amount of resources spent.

As the application rate automatically adjusts as the tractor moves through the field, the tractor operator does not need to worry about constantly checking and adjusting flows.

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Section Control with Multiboom

Valtra Section Control is the easiest to set up and operate section control system on the market. It automatically turns rows and boom sections on and off to eliminate overlap and avoid gaps. The Multiboom feature allows up to three booms of ISOBUS implements to be controlled at once. Section Control makes it easy to plan, save and recall work and settings for each field, giving you high precision, even with large implements and even in poor visibility. Section Control works with all compatible ISOBUS implements that comply with the ISO 11783 standard and that support Section Control functionality.

Read more about Section Control with Multiboom

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Auto U-Pilot headland management system

With Auto U-Pilot you can start your headland management sequence automatically when the tractor goes over a set headland line, making work both perfectly precise and easy.


With SmartTurn the field operating experience becomes fully automated, freeing the drivers' attention to focus fully on the implement and task at hand. Choose between automatic turning patterns to minimise soil compaction, and increase speed and efficiency.

We recommend combining our Valtra Auto U-Pilot feature with the SmartTurn feature because then every pass and every turn will be fully consistent. Hence one can avoid unnecessary turns and overlapping errors while making the work as easy as possible by alleviating the stress and fatigue of long days spent in the field.

The Q Series is a Beast equally at home working on its own or seamlessly as part of a larger fleet. Whether working with one tractor or managing a fleet of machines, reliability, accuracy, and simplicity are important in making business easier and more profitable. Valtra's telemetry and connectivity solutions help you keep on top of what your Q Series is/are doing in real-time, and automate data gathering and processing for easier reporting and document generation.

Valtra Connect

Sync like a Pro! If you're serious about saving time and money to improve your bottom line, then the Q Series' telemetry will suit you and your business perfectly. Valtra Connect is our telemetry solution that records tractor activity and GPS movements in real-time. Data is the key to making informed decisions. By collecting data on tractor movement, inactivity, and general logistics, you can optimise your plans and act accordingly. Valtra Connect allows you to monitor a whole fleet and receive status information delivered to your mobile device in real-time and historically. Access your data anytime, anywhere.

Read more about Valtra Connect

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Whether managing one tractor or a fleet of several, TaskDoc® Pro saves you time doing paperwork. TaskDoc Pro® is 100% ISOBUS-compatible supporting ISOBUS standards TC-BAS and TC-GEO. It works with Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) to automate data collection, help manage your work, and supports compliance with an expanding range of statutory documentation. With TaskDoc Pro, you can pre-plan smart farming operations from your office as and when you like. Securely and simply transfer accurately-planned tasks between your computer and tractors via a normal USB stick or mobile/cellular network.

With TaskDoc Pro there’s less paperwork. While the tractor is working integrated onboard calculators wirelessly record data from the tractor and ISOBUS implement such as areas worked, fuel consumed, and time spent. At the end of the task, all the data you need for document production will be created automatically. You get accurate records of completed tasks and actual application rates delivered straight to your computer. Any time. Anywhere.



Work with any implement and across different FMIS without fuss. The Q is a Pro team player. Agrirouter is the technology that powers Valtra's farming connectivity solutions. Agrirouter is a universal system that facilitates data transfer between machines and agricultural software, no matter what the manufacturer or vendor. As Valtra is an Agrirouter trusted partner you can be assured your Q Series will fully integrate with your Agrirouter compatible Farm Management Information System (FMIS). As Agrirouter is a universal industry standard, you can choose to share information with trusted external partners such as contractors, dealers, and service providers to ensure the very best service, minimise downtime, and maximise time in the field.


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Working long hours and to tight deadlines you know your Q Series will be there providing 101% uptime. The Q Series is a high-performance pedigree Beast that performs every day. Like any Pro, the Q Series needs a dedicated team behind it. We’re here with you 24/7. Even before you purchase your Q Series, your specialist Q certified dealer is there to serve and advise you with personal guidance, demonstrations, and tailored financing. But this is just the start. It’s our job to make your tractor experience the best it can be. Our easy Connect, Care & Go service concept offers unrivalled practicality. Choose to share data with trusted service partners and they will know the health and status of your machine at the same time you do. Together you can plan maintenance for when it suits you best and know you will always have access to a courtesy Q Series.

Q certified dealers

Your own Q certified dealer

To keep you working at 100% efficiency, get the most out of the productivity benefits of your Q Series, and support your business needs, Valtra has identified the very best dealers and service partners for the Q Series. Only dedicated Q certified dealers are qualified to sell the Q Series. 

Find your nearest Q certified dealer

Q Dealers

Valtra has initiated a new set of brand experience standards for all Q certified dealers. These high standards cover both machine acquisition and after-sales experiences. Q dealers will hold a sufficiently high stock of spare parts with the capacity for scaling volumes, regularly train service staff, utilise the latest tools and follow Valtra’s quality after-sales procedures. Q Series customers can expect a high-quality machine handover experience. We want to make sure your Q Series is set up with your implements and all smart farming capabilities from day one, so you get 101% uptime from the moment you start up the Beast.

Your Valtra Q certified dealer represents the best tractor, implement, and smart farming expertise in your area. You can always rely on your Q certified dealer for the best service; from consultancy, maintenance, repair and spare parts, to the purchase of a new piece of equipment.

AGCO Finance


In a world of uncertainty, the reliability and assurance that comes with easily predictable costs and savings can take a weight off your mind. That's why we offer you a range of flexible finance solutions for one tractor or a whole fleet. With the Rent, Buy, Lease programme offered by AGCO Finance, we can build a financing solution to meet your individual and specific needs. With Connect, Care & Go, you get peace of mind knowing that service costs are factored into your monthly outgoings and diagnostic data can be shared with service partners to predict the need for preventative maintenance before issues arise. If your Q Series needs to be taken to a service centre, your dedicated Q certified dealer will be able to offer a replacement loan tractor so that you can keep doing what you do best.


Tractor ownership with optional Connect, Care & Go


Short term rental with inclusive services


Operational lease with or without service contract

Read more about financing options

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Connect, Care & Go

Connect Care & Go

Get total peace of mind with our service concept: Quick daily service checks, a 600 h service interval and Valtra Connect, Care and Go.

Read more about Connect, Care and Go

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Q unlimited


You find the work. We'll find the way.

It's your tractor. Yours. Whatever your needs, wants, or desires. With accessories and options to tailor your tractor to suit your work, branding, or dreams, there’s always a reason to go Unlimited. What do you need? What have you been dreaming of? Done and done. We make it happen.

Performance for any purpose

The Unlimited studio can fit any accessory or specialist equipment that is not available as standard from our production line. With Valtra Unlimited your tractor is a true multi-purpose vehicle, built according to your unique specifications, with the design, comfort, and the features you need to succeed in any environment.

Factory fitted in Finland

Factory fitted in Finland

The Unlimited Studio is located within the Valtra factory in Suolahti, Finland. All the accessories and equipment fitted by the Valtra Unlimited studio are covered by our factory warranty. We also supply all the servicing and spare parts for Unlimited fitted options. The accessories and equipment available from the Unlimited Studio include additional working and warning lights, front loader scale, premium leather steering wheel and seats, a broad range of paint colours, central lubrication, stereo systems and much much more.

works like a beast


The Unlimited Studio provides a range of options to enhance both the productivity and efficiency of the Q Series and the safety and comfort of the driver.

Unlimited farming features

Unlimited offers an automatic central lubricating system that helps ensure your Q Series is always running smoothly and eliminates the need for laborious manual lubricating. Our intelligent central tyre inflation system saves time and money while protecting the structure of your soil. The inflation system fitted by Unlimited is controlled via ISOBUS and displays actual tyre pressures on the SmartTouch screen. Use pre-programmed SmartTouch buttons to set the ideal pressures to improve rolling resistance (both in the field and on the road), reduce track depth and soil compaction, lower fuel consumption by up to 10-15 per cent, and reduce tyre wear.

Unlimited can fit many safety features, including LED Light bars, warning lights, and signaling panels to improve visibility and extend the safe working hours for operators.

Front loader scales improve the precision and efficiency of your work. Loaders can even be painted to match the tractor. With Unlimited, the Q Series looks even more the 'Pro' with a range of standard and metallic paint options and professional taping to ensure your fleet looks as professional as the work you do.

Unlimited options can enhance the ergonomics and comfort for the driver, such as relocation of the SmartTouch terminal, additional sun blinds, and a range of hard-wearing, professional trims like leather seats and steering wheel. With the Q Series, the Unlimited Studio brings Quality with a capital Q!

Unlimited Studio brings Quality with a capital Q!

Unlimited options can enhance the ergonomics and comfort for the driver, such as relocation of the SmartTouch terminal, additional sun blinds, and a range of hard-wearing, professional trims like leather seats and steering wheel. With the Q Series, the Unlimited Studio brings Quality with a capital Q!

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Q Features

Works like a Beast

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