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Cost-effective options to meet your needs

Building your working machine with Valtra is an experience in itself.

We offer hundreds of different accessories and options to choose from, adding up to an infinite number of different combinations. Because picking and choosing can be difficult, we now offer cost-effective option packages to help you with decision-making.

The option packages make it easier to specify a new tractor: nothing important is left out and the resale price of the tractor is also taken into account. When purchased as a package, the equipment is less expensive than when ordered separately.

Best of all, the option packages do not limit you from selecting additional features from the Unlimited Studio.

Option packages


More than a sum of its parts? Absolutely. Valtra’s comfort option package equals more ergonomic and productive days with the cab as your ultimate comfort zone. Save time and money by getting the goods for less than when bought separately. It just adds up.

Now with significantly reduced prices for G, N and T Series 

Save £1,000s!

The Comfort package improves your level of comfort with elevated features, such as an air-suspended driver’s seat, a suspended cab, front axle suspension, a control armrest with joystick and automatic reversing lights.

  • Air suspended, Air suspended+ or Valtra Evolution driver’s seat
  • Suspended cab
  • Road lights with LED rear lights and upper lights
  • Work Light Premium or Premium+ with LED lights
  • Automatic reversing lights
  • AIRES Front Axle Suspension and Compressed air system
Option package may vary depending on model, more details can be found from the models pages.
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Comfort Pro

The Comfort Pro package has everything included in the Comfort option package, and more. Premium interior options and a right side window wiper increase your working comfort. Automatic air conditioning and a lower heater unit keep the climate of the cabin comfortable for work.

  • Premium interior
  • Automatic air conditioning + lower heater unit
  • Right side window wiper


Profit, precision and peace of mind as a package deal? 

Yes times three. Valtra’s technology option packages equals complete control of your land and tasks, added up with elevated comfort features. Get in, get connected and get that cash.

Now with a significant price advantage for G, N and T Series 

Save £1,000s!

The Technology package includes everything in the Comfort package and adds precision farming features that make connecting and operating implements easier and more productive. These include rear ISOBUS connectivity, power sockets, implement signal connection and the full Valtra Guide GPS guidance.

  • Full Valtra Guide: one of 4 options with Trimble antenna
  • ISOBUS rear
  • AutoControl D, drive balance control + rear linkage slip control system with radar sensor
  • Automatic Slip Regulator system (Versu and Direct)
  • Power socket set
  • All options from Comfort
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Technology +

The Technology + package includes everything from the Comfort and Technology packages and adds Valtra Guide centimetre accuracy and Wayline Assistant for increased field efficiency across the whole field including the headlands. Wayline Assistant adds the wayline types Segmented Wayline and Single Contour to easily and quickly create the right waylines for all passes on the field.

Technology Pro

The Technology Pro package includes all the features of the Comfort and
Technology packages. Moreover, it has everything you need for Smart Farming - including the SmartTouch Extend auxiliary display, a Valtra Wayline Assistant and Valtra Section control, as well as third party guidance support.

  • Full Valtra Guide centimetre accuracy with Trimble antenna
  • Wayline Assistant
  • Precision farming: One of 4 Section Control or Section Control & Variable Rate options
  • SmartTouch Extend
  • TaskDoc Pro
  • Auto U-Pilot
  • All options from Comfort and Technology

Technology Pro X

Spend less time in the office and more on the field. The Technology Pro X package includes all the features of the Comfort, Technology, and Technology Pro packages, plus professional-level extras for increased productivity and profitability. With Technology Pro X you get everything you need for TaskDoc Pro, including a server license and Agrirouter. You have all you need for easy data transfer between your Valtra Tractor and FMIS system (whether via TaskDoc Pro server or Agrirouter). This will make your life easier and save a lot of time and effort, as all your documentation is created automatically for you.

  • Valtra Section Control 96 + VRC 5 products
  • TaskDoc Pro server license 1 year
  • DKE agrirouter 1 year
  • SmartTurn
  • All options from Comfort, Technology and Technology Pro

Front Loader

Get everything you need for front loader work. With Valtra, you get the whole package factory-fitted and seamlessly integrated.

  • Factory fitted and tested front loader of your choice
  • Front valves & loader hydraulics
  • Mounting brackets
  • Tool carrier​

Front Loader Pro

The Front Loader Pro package adds a high visibility roof for a wider upwards view, as well as the Precision Lift & Load feature that weighs the load, stores task data and makes your work astronomically smart.

  • Precision Lift & Load for full digital control and maximum ease of use. Automatic weighing, set height and angle limits, easy bucket shake, get the data.​
  • Tool carrier & advanced loader hydraulics​
  • The best view with the high visibility roof


  F Series A Series G Series N Series T Series Q Series S Series
Comfort   x x x x x x
Comfort Pro       x x x x
Technology     x x x x x
Technology +     x x x x x
Technology Pro
    x x x x x
Technology Pro X     x x x x x
Front Loader   x x x x x  
Front Loader Pro
      x x x  

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