altra twintrac tractor in forest


a tractor that works in both directions

TwinTrac is available with Valtra N, T, Q and S Series tractors.

Valtra is the only manufacturer to offer reverse drive as a factory-fitted option on tractors from 105hp up to 405hp!

Each Valtra tractor is custom built to meet the specific needs of their owners. The TwinTrac reverse drive system is one of many unique features that help increase productivity.

Why TwinTrac?

TwinTrac allows you to perform a wide range of applications more effectively.

  • Outstanding visibility and control of the implement
  • Improved machine agility
  • Reduced risk of neck strain
  • Time and fuel cost savings

In many cases, switching to Valtra's reverse drive system will not require any special implements, so you can work with the kit you already have.

Significant time and fuel savings.

According to research commissioned by Valtra from an independent research institute, using a tractor with the TwinTrac reverse drive system for mowing requires 12 percent less time and 11 percent less fuel than when working in the conventional way. In addition, mowing in reverse puts significantly less strain on the driver's neck and back.

Usage Highlights

TwinTrac is not just a piece of optional equipment. It's a complete tractor that has been designed to work in both directions.


  • Mower conditioning
  • Flail topping/mowing
  • Small scale forage harvesting
  • Small scale maize harvesting
  • Special crop harvesting, e.g. olives


  • Brushing
  • Snow blowing
  • Hedge cutting


  • Fencing / Post driving
  • Buckraking


  • Wood chipper operation
  • Stump grinding
  • Mulching


Outstanding visibility of the implement

When working in reverse, the visibility of the implement and the working area is excellent. Many implements also work better in front of the tractor, and especially the tractor's wheels, minimising crop flattening before entry to the machine. The large cab provides an ideal working environment when working in reverse.

valtra tractor and twintrac cabin

A more versatile working machine

TwinTrac enhances versatility while taking nothing away from the tractor's other excellent properties - the rear of the tractor has all hydraulic operations, a powerful linkage with position control, and a multispeed PTO.