TwinTrac history


Valtra’s TwinTrac reverse-drive system was unveiled at the Elmia Agriculture trade fair in Sweden back in 1986. Already before then, 05 Series tractors featured a flat floor and 180-degree swivelling driver’s seat. TwinTrac added a steering wheel at the back together with clutch, break and gas pedals. The idea was derived from customer feedback and further developed for Valmet by, for example, the Lantbrukstekniskt Institutt in Norway.

TwinTrac has since proven to be an invaluable aid in mowing and conditioning, forestry work, working with brushes and snow ploughs, roadside mowing, milling and many other tasks that the original inventors of the system could not even imagine.

Product Specialist Timo Mattila tells about the history and use of the TwinTrac reverse-drive system.

TwinTrac: Timo Mattila