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Valtra UK Smart Farming - A field's worth more yield

You enter the field to win, so why not score in the first minute?

With Valtra UK Smart Farming technologies your work not only gets easier, it gets more profitable. And with our extended warranty, you have total peace of mind. Day in, day out. Precise, productive, profitable.

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Launch 2020: Experience the new generation


Valtra tractors UK - Smart Farming with Valtra.  Valtra tractors combine versatile features and innovative technology. As a Valtra owner you benefit from a reliable, high-quality tractor that has been tailored to meet the needs of your farm or contracting business. Each Valtra is individually built according to the customer's wishes. This way your tractor features exactly the equipment you need and you do not need to pay for unnecessary extras.

What's new?

Valtra will update N, T and S Series tractors above 130 kW to stage V emission standards during 2019. At the same time several new features will be introduced that improve operator comfort and reduce the overall cost of ownership of the machine.

Valtra models are also becoming smarter in 2019. A second terminal is now available for SmartTouch models on N, T and S Series.

We believe in a seamless connection between our customers, dealers, machines and the Valtra factory. That's why Valtra customers can now benefit from the Valtra “Connect, Care & Go” service offering allowing them to access a range of services related to their machine at a fixed cost.



There are hundreds of thousands of machine owners with thousands of completely different tasks to do. That’s why there is Valtra Unlimited, offering unlimited solutions. It is not only about picking a specific colour or about a new feature. It is about new opportunities, about finding new ways to be professional and new ways to be more productive. Be it in agriculture, forestry, municipality, logistics or a completely different type of work, with the right equipment any Valtra tractor becomes the Unlimited multi-purpose vehicle that will make your future.

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Valtra introduces new F Series vineyard and orchard tractors

Four models: 75–105 horsepower


Valtra is unveiling new vineyard and orchard tractors at Agritechnica. The F Series comprises four models ranging in output from 75 to 105 horsepower.

The base model is approximately 1.5 metres wide and the narrow model just 1.3 metres wide. Standard equipment includes a heated and air-conditioned cab, and the wider model is also available with an open cab and rollover protection structure (ROPS). The height of the open cab model when ROPS is not deployed is just 1.4 metres, making it ideally suited for covered and pergola farming techniques.

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Valtra introduces revamped SmartGlass display

Heads up display for tractors


Valtra has revealed the final design of their heads up display (HUD) SmartGlass at the 2019 Agritechnica Show.

Positioned in the centre of the tractor’s front windscreen, Valtra SmartGlass is based on transparent display technology, laminated between two glass surfaces. This makes the solution very robust and suitable for demanding operation conditions of agricultural machinery.

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A tractor that is more than just a tractor


The Valtra N154e Versu is more than just a tractor. The N154e Versu means the possibility of tailoring the tractor precisely for individual needs already on the production line and in the Unlimited Studio, where only the laws of physics and road traffic regulations are the limit. The N154e also means tractor-related services, such as Valtra Connect remote monitoring, comprehensive service packages, extended warranties, remanufactured parts, environmentally friendly Neste My diesel and connectivity to other technologies on the farm. The Valtra N154e Versu is not just a machine, but rather an entire lifespan solution that comprises multiple services.

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Smart Farming – Perform tractor tasks easily and with smaller production inputs

Valtra tractors ready for precision farming and the future


Valtra has taken a step beyond precision farming and is now aiming at Smart Farming. Smart Farming involves more than just adjusting tractor functions based on location information or some other individual technology. Instead, it is an integral part of the entire ecosystem of a farm or contractor, from crop planning to financial administration and purchasing to maintenance. Smart Farming is easy, Smart Farming is profitable and Smart Farming is environmentally friendly.

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Concrete steps towards a cleaner future. Valtra has become the first tractor factory in the world to begin using Neste MY Renewable Diesel as the start-up fuel for all new tractors. As a result, around 700,000 litres of fossil diesel fuel will be replaced each year by 100-percent renewable fuel.



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