Innovative app uses tractor telemetry data to help reduce idle time and lower carbon emissions
Valtra helps tractor drivers save fuel with Valtra Coach app

Over the years, Valtra has gained a reputation for their easy-to-use smart farming technology. Now the Nordic tractor brand has turned their attention to using the data generated by their smart tractors to aid drivers in reducing their idle time to improve fuel efficiency and cut their carbon emissions.  

Valtra’s innovative new Valtra Coach app helps drivers improve fuel efficiency by monitoring driving habits and offering real-time feedback in an engaging way. Valtra Product Management Director Tuomas Nevaranta believes this will offer drivers useful insights. “Valtra Coach represents a new direction in data-driven solutions for farmers. We know, for example, that for 20% of tractors over 10% of fuel consumption happens during idle time - that could potentially be reduced. Valtra Coach provides drivers with immediate, real-world insights based on their own driving.”  

Valtra Coach works by utilizing the data collected via Valtra Connect (their telemetry system) to show drivers where they might be using more fuel than necessary. The app then benchmarks this against aggregated data, and monitors and rewards how drivers alter their driving style to reduce fuel consumption. By gamifying the monitoring and feedback process, the app aims to make more efficient driving fun and entertaining. In initial studies, Valtra estimates that for an operator driving their tractor for 5.2 hours per day, reducing idle time by 12% could save over 330 litres of fuel per year.    

A demo version of Valtra Coach was unveiled at Valtra’s stand at Agritechnica on the 12th of November 2023. Valtra aims to have the first release of the application for the public in 2024.