Valtra Unlimited Smart Top Link
Improved fertiliser application accuracy

Valtra Unlimited is introducing the Smart Top Link for improved fertiliser application accuracy.

Smart Top Link improves the fertiliser spreading accuracy by automatically adjusting spreader top link length to ensure the spreader is correctly calibrated throughout application. Traditionally, to ensure the correct performance of a fertiliser spreader, the operator calibrates the top link length by ensuring the spreader is level. However, as a result of extensive field trials the Valtra team have found that the weight change in the spreader during the spreading cycle causes an angle change of around 3°. This means that for only about 20% of the spreading cycle is the spreader calibrated properly. This poor consistency in spread pattern results in a loss of yield and over application in certain areas. On a Danish farm this was found to have a negative average effect of €20/ha. The Valtra Smart Top Link adjusts the top link in real time, to ensure the spreader remains level. This reduces the negative effect by an average of €15/ha.

Available as a Valtra Unlimited feature from the beginning of 2024, the system works via the SmartTouch display to keep a mounted fertiliser box spreader level during work. Supplied with the product are two radar sensors which are fitted to front and rear of the fertiliser spreader which measure the distance to ground, this data is used to control the top link length. Using the same data the system also displays the height above ground. The top link can be used with most mounted fertiliser spreaders regardless of manufacturer.

The Smart Top Link was first shown at Valtra’s stand at Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany, 12-18.11.2023. The Smart Top Link will be available from the beginning of 2024 via Valtra Unlimited on new N, and T tractor orders for an RRP of €5000. An aftermarket version of the product will be released later in the year.