Headland automation enables Y and K turns

SmartTurn combines traditional headland automation with automated steering and can make Y and K turns in the headland.

Valtra’s headland automation has continued to develop over the years. The original U-Pilot headland automation system performed a series of pre-selected functions in the headland of a field at the press of a button. Auto U-Pilot then combined automated steering with headland automation, so the system could perform the functions in the headland automatically. In spring 2022, the SmartTurn feature was introduced, which enabled U-turns and part-field mode for turning in the third or more wayline in headlands. Now, SmartTurn headland automation is even more versatile and enables Y and K turns.

The new Y and K turns are suitable for implements attached to the tractor’s linkage, such as reversible ploughs, which require the tractor to be backed up. Traditional U-shaped turns and part-field mode are more suitable for trailed implements. Y and K turns require less space in the headland than U turns.

Auto U-Pilot headland automation can be used with implements attached to both the front and rear of the tractor. Auto U-Pilot and SmartTurn make field driving almost fully automated. This feature is available on Versu and Direct models in the G, N and T Series and on Q and S Series models with Valtra Guide automated steering.