TwinTrac improves harvesting of pistachios and almonds

More ergonomic and 10 percent faster

Valtra Spain teamed up with the University of Zaragoza in 2023 to jointly carry out a field test of the Valtra N Series. The main objective was to assess the advantages of the TwinTrac reverse drive system in terms of working speed and driver ergonomics. The test verified the advantages of TwinTrac in fruit tree harvesting, more specifically in two types of plantations: a pistachio plantation and an almond plantation.

The Valtra N155 with the TwinTrac reverse drive system operated an umbrella harvester for almonds. The harvested almonds were unloaded onto a trailer.

TwinTrac is the only factory-fitted and homologated reverse drive system on the market.

The harvesting work was carried out in two working conditions: with the seat not rotated and with the seat rotated. Measurements of the collection time of the N155 were collected with an umbrella implement for almond and pistachio harvesting. 

The field test clearly showed that TwinTrac, the only factory-fitted and homologated reverse drive system on the market, generates savings in farming inputs, such as fertiliser and seed, and especially working time. Harvesting almonds and pistachios was approximately 10% faster with TwinTrac than without it. Fuel consumption was just 8.21 litres per hour and AdBlue consumption 0.63 litres per hour.

Fuel consumption 8.21 l/hour and AdBlue consumption 0.63 l/hour.

Almonds and pistachios being loaded into a trailer from the harvesting machine.

Much better driver ergonomics

Driver comfort increased significantly with the TwinTrac system, since the driver no longer had to turn his head or trunk. Without TwinTrac, the driver had to turn with the trunk and head for 95 % of the time – with TwinTrac, this was reduced to 0 %.

The N Series itself stands out among other 4-cylinder tractors since it offers the load capacity of a 6-cylinder tractor. At the same time, the lighter 4-cylinder uses less fuel. The N Series offers a perfect combination of compact size, high power, the latest technology and comfort. In addition, precision farming technology guarantees that the N Series does most of the work with the highest efficiency, control and comfort in the market. 


Text Carlos Vilar, Sebastian Quijano Photos Sebastián Quijano