Taure AS services Valtra tractors in Estonia

According to Janek Peru, Service Manager at Valtra’s Estonian importer Taure AS, and Sales Manager Toomas Jürgen, technical support is available to customers throughout the summer season also on weekends and evenings.

Assistance available also on weekends and evenings

Taure AS has been the Valtra importer and dealer in Estonia for over 30 years already. The company takes care of importing, sales and maintenance services. Taure has just two main locations, but since Estonia is small, its representatives can reach Valtra tractors anywhere in the country in no more than three hours.

“Our competitors have tried having individual service technicians located throughout Estonia, but without much success. We have 19 employees in our service department, which allows us to respond rapidly, acquire specialised expertise and arrange replacements when needed,” says Toomas Jürgen, Sales Manager at Taure AS.

Taure’s service department has ISO 9001 quality certification and ISO 14001 environmental certification. These are required by many large customers and public bodies, and they also provide additional points in tenders. Taure also meets all Valtra requirements as an official service dealer for the new Valtra Q Series.

Father and son grain farmers Hugo and Jaak Mässak have been satisfied with Taure’s maintenance services. Their tractor is a Valtra T175 Versu.

On-call services practically any time

Taure provides technical support also on weekends and evenings between April and September. Problems can often be resolved by providing advice over the phone. If needed, any spare parts that are required can be delivered to the customer, or an on-call service technician can drive out to the customer.

“If a tie rod end has come a little bit loose or something similar, it is unlikely that we will fix it over-night on a weekend. But if otherwise, if there is an emergency, we organise assistance. We cannot promise that assistance is available exactly 24/7, but in practice we always carry our work phone with us,” says Service Manager Janek Peru.

Taure stocks around a million euros worth of spare parts. The company also has five well-equipped service vehicles at its location in Türi and four in Tartu. On average, each service technician has 13 years of experience with Valtra tractors. They also have a good routine, as over 90 percent of service work is done on Valtra tractors and the remaining amount on Kühn implements, for example. More than 1500 Valtra tractors are in active use in Estonia.


Text and photos Tommi Pitenius