Remanufacturing expands to cover Brazil and radiators

Already 6500 AGCO Reman parts available

Valtra’s Reman services have grown rapidly and continue to expand. In Brazil, only engines were previously remanufactured at the factory, but now they are also preparing to begin remanufacturing transmissions there. In Europe, the range has expanded to also include radiators.

Installing a remanufactured transmission or engine is fast, easy and inexpensive at any local Valtra service dealer.


“The range of AGCO Reman parts has grown to around 6500 different components. The spare parts dealer can immediately see from the electronic spare parts catalogue whether a Reman option is available for the required part. If so, ordering it is as easy as ordering a regular spare part,” says Jari Luoma-aho, head of remanufacturing operations at Valtra.

Typically, a remanufactured part is about a third cheaper than a brand-new replacement part, yet it comes with the same warranty as a new one. For engines and transmissions, for example, the price and schedule of the Reman component are precisely known in advance. If the engine and transmission were repaired locally, the work would take longer and the price would be unclear when the work starts.

Thousands of transmissions and engines a year

Valtra remanufactures around 1500 gearboxes, forward-reverse shuttles and PowerShift transmissions at the Suolahti factory each year. In addition, AGCO Power remanufactured almost 1000 engines and thousands of fuel injection systems in 2023. At AGCO Power’s Linnavuori plant, the Reman department also manufactures, for example, new marine and other special engines.

“We offer remanufactured engines starting with versions from the early 1980s, but some older models are also still available. In the latest EU emissions legislation, the remanufacturing of engines is limited so that engines whose emissions rating is less than 20 years old must be remanufactured from the customer’s block without changing the serial number. However, this only applies to complete engines, for example, 1/2 or 3/4 engines can still be delivered without restrictions,” says Jarkko Roiha, who heads Reman operations at AGCO Power.

A new product that has recently been added to Valtra’s Reman offerings is radiators. The selection is still limited, but new radiator models are being added all the time.


Text Tommi Pitenius Photo Valtra archive