AGCO Power celebrates 80th anniversary

Mechanic Julius Salmela installs a crankshaft with the help of an industrial robot.

New family of engines and further investments

The Second World War was in full swing in Europe 80 years ago. Due to a lack of engines for military aircraft, the decision was taken to establish an engine factory in Linnavuori, Nokia. The factory was built partially in caves excavated from the granite and partially in buildings above ground. These days, the caves are used almost for their original purpose, as the jet engines for Hornet fighters are serviced in them. The factory buildings above ground house AGCO Power’s diesel engine and transmission component plants.

“The investments of more than 100 million euros that were announced a couple of years ago are now in their final stages. A brand-new family of engines will soon be entering series production, new buildings have been constructed, and new production lines have been installed in the existing factory buildings,” says AGCO Power CEO Juha Tervala.

In addition to its plant in Linnavuori, AGCO Power today also has major production facilities in China and Brazil. Nevertheless, Linnavuori remains the company’s centre for functions such as R&D.

“We have received the green light from AGCO to build a new training centre and R&D laboratory at Linnavuori, and construction will begin in the near future. The training centre will be used to train our mechanics and service personnel. The R&D laboratory in turn will enable us to develop not just diesel engines but also other types of power sources, such as electric, hydrogen, ethanol, biodiesel, hybrid and other future solutions.”