The best tractor above 200 horsepower

Previously we have looked at the best tractors in the 100 to 150 horsepower range. Now we’re focusing on higher horsepower tractors of around 200 horsepower and above. There is a lot to consider when purchasing a tractor in this horsepower range. These powerful tractors will be put to work for long hours sometimes with multiple drivers working in shifts during peak season. Reliability, power, and technology features are all high priorities. The overall total cost of ownership is also a key consideration; especially for owners of fleets looking to purchase and operate many tractors. In this blog, we take you through the Valtra tractors of around 200 hp and above that best answer the demanding needs of higher horsepower tractor users.

6 cylinder tractors

All Valtra tractors of 200 horsepower and above have economical 6-cylinder AGCO Power engines with enough displacement for their horsepower to get the best torque and fuel efficiency. All AGCO Power engines used in these Valtra tractors meet the European Stage V emissions standard. Valtra T, Q, and S Series tractors all have offerings of 200 horsepower and above. However, with a range of transmission options, technology features, and cabs, these models cater for different situations and circumstances. 

The best tractor for medium-sized farms

The Valtra T Series is an award-winning, extremely versatile tractor with an output ranging from 155-271 horsepower (with boost).  The T215 is Valtra’s lowest horsepower offering in this range, with a maximum torque of 910 Nm (with boost). The next model up is the T235 with a standard output of 235 hp for powershift models and 220 hp for CVT models (250 with boost). The T235 comes in HiTech, Active, and Versu models as well as the popular Direct.



The highest horsepower T Series is the T255 which has a maximum output of 271 hp (with boost) giving 1000 Nm of torque. The T Series has a versatile range of models, making it easy to find the transmission and technology that best suits your way of working. For example, HiTech and Active models both have a five-step powershift transmission with an automatic function that chooses the best ratio for power and fuel efficiency based on your speed and torque requirements. HiTech is not often chosen in the above 200 hp range, whereas Active is very popular. Active models come with load-sensing hydraulics. The Versu model also has a powershift transmission but comes with the revolutionary SmartTouch user interface. This allows you to drive the tractor in a similar way to a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) machine. SmartTouch opens up a world of smart farming possibilities through Valtra Guide. The T Series Direct model is another great choice for smart farming. The Direct model comes with an efficient CVT transmission. CVT technology offers a stepless power transmission for smooth power delivery and consistent fuel efficiency. However, it is possible to drive in ‘manual’ mode when the tractor and engine speed needs to be controlled very precisely whilst retaining flexibility in working. 


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Choosing a T Series - In summary

For general multipurpose farming tasks that don’t require smart farming or headland management, go for the Active model. For smart farming that requires good pulling power, choose the Versu model. For fuel-efficient smooth power delivery (whether on the road or in the field), and smart farming technology, choose the T Series Direct. If you want a CVT transmission, even more power, and abundant smart farming technology, read on! 

 The best tractor for large farms and agricultural contracting

For large farms and farming contractors, a tractor needs to be reliable to safeguard profits. It must also have enough power to do any task and work with large implements. Finally, for this type of work smart farming technology is essential. 

The Q Series has proven popular with farmers and contractors in test drives since its launch in September 2022. Described as the tractor that ‘Works like a Beast. Thinks like a Pro’, the Q Series perfectly balances power and smart farming technology. 

The options with the Q Series are simple. A great, economical 7.4-litre AGCO Power engine, world-class smooth and efficient CVT transmission, and sophisticated smart farming technology as standard. There are 5 models to choose from ranging from 230 hp to 305 hp. All models have a boost feature for extra output when you need it most except the Q305 model where the boost is effectively always available. The powerful engine delivers 1000 to 1280 Nm of torque (depending on the model) which is perfect for working with large demanding implements and intensive tasks. Smart farming features are standard in the Q Series. Valtra Guide, ISOBUS, Section Control with Multiboom, Variable Rate Control, Valtra Auto U-Pilot, and SmartTurn are all standard as you would expect. With Auto U-pilot and SmartTurn, the entire field driving experience becomes completely automated. All these features are conveniently controlled via the legendary SmartTouch user interface. Driver profiles can easily be switched between SmartTouch terminals and machines. This is an attractive feature for fleet owners or when the tractor is used in shifts as it makes switching between different drivers and tasks simple and easy. 


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Choosing a Q Series - in summary

The Valtra Q Series is the choice for larger farms and agricultural contractors. For uncompromising power, easy-to-use smart farming technology, fuel efficiency, and a market-leading smooth transmission, your best bet is 'the Beast'! As all models come with a CVT transmission, and advanced smart farming technology is standard, the only determining factor in choosing which model to go for is the power output. Valtra Unlimited also offers a range of solutions for the Q Series to improve the efficiency and comfort of your work.

The best tractor for intensive or heavy farming tasks

Heavy work like subsoiling and pulling large loads requires a powerful tractor with the right displacement and hydraulic capacity to work with large implements all day long. The Valtra S Series has an 8.4-litre AGCO Power engine with twin turbo for efficient power generation. The S Series ranges in output from 300 hp to 405 hp with a maximum torque of 1600 Nm. This is more than sufficient to work on any demanding task. Power delivery is via variable transmission, so the driving experience is smooth and easy.

The S Series comes with hydraulic front axle suspension, offering supreme comfort and excellent traction. Both front axle suspension and so four-point pneumatic cab suspension (known as Valtra AutoComfort) come as standard, further enhancing the driver’s comfort for long days.

As with the Q Series, the S Series has the SmartTouch user interface to make the most of Valtra's easy-to-use smart farming technology. 

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Choosing an S Series - in summary

For very heavy pulling and intensive farming tasks, or demanding PTO work like mulching and wood chipping, the Valtra S Series is the best tractor with above 200 horsepower. Choosing the best S Series is dependent on the work you do and matching your needs with the power output. Option packages can be added to increase the comfort or technology level of your S Series as you wish. 

How to choose the best tractor over 200 horsepower

Valtra's higher horsepower tractor range is versatile. The T Series offers great adaptability for medium and large farms with or without smart farming features. The Q Series is perfect for large busy farms and agricultural contractors that require efficient power delivery, advanced smart farming technology, and a low total cost of ownership. The S Series is a powerful tractor for large farms undertaking intensive and demanding tasks that also require smart farming benefits.  

Still undecided? Check out the Valtra virtual Showroom to compare the models. Also, check out our YouTube channel for more videos.  

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