Safe tractor access - step-by-step

Your tractor cab is a very safe and convenient workplace. However, research identifies that getting in - and especially coming out from a cab can be an occupational safety risk. After implement attachment, cab ingress and egress (getting in and out) is a major source of non-fatal accidents on farms. Keeping this in mind, Valtra’s cabs are easy to access and have various safety features to minimise risks.

A low cab position makes accessing Valtra tractors easier and safer

Valtra tractor cabs are designed with safety and ease of use in mind. Unlike many other brands, Valtra places the heating and air conditioning (HVAC) unit in the cab roof.  This makes it possible to keep the cab floor relatively low compared to solutions where the units are below the cab floor.  Also, the typical sloping bonnet in Valtra tractors brings excellent visibility, negating the need to place the cab higher to achieve decent visibility. This lower design is also easier on your knees as fewer steps are needed, resulting in easier entering, and exiting.  

Valtra’s cab shape enables easier and safer steps

Another characteristic Valtra cabs are known for is having a relatively narrow windscreen, so that the cab is narrow at the front and widest around the driver's place. This is not only great for keeping the windscreen clear in cold conditions but also makes it possible to incline the stairway more gently towards the cab. This gently sloped approach is more natural and makes it easier to get a good foot grip compared to other tractor cabs with vertical stairs.

Easy-to-clean aluminium steps and great handles

Steps can become dangerous when they’re caked in mud. Valtra offers aluminium steps on all models from the fifth generation G Series to the latest sixth generation S Series. Not only do these corrosion-free steps look good, but they also have an aggressive and well-proven design which keeps them clean and safe to use in all climates and field conditions.

The safest way to enter or exit a tractor cab is with ‘three points of contact’ with two hands securely holding the handrails and at least one foot securely on the steps. Together with well-placed handrails the aluminium steps make entering the cab easy and safe for drivers of all sizes. It’s important to note that the exit will be safe as well as long the person in question remembers to face the tractor. – Remember  “same way in and out”, no jumping! A well-designed passageway helps the operator to maintain such safe practices when entering and coming out from the cab, especially during times of urgency, late hours, or when other stress factors are present (like there often are at the peak hours of farming).

Safe tractor access, even in the dark

Early mornings and late nights often mean getting in and out of the tractor in the dark. Valtra cabs include adequate lighting to ensure safe access, such as in all our larger models with their integrated LED step lights. The light colour and well-designed hollow grip of the aluminium steps allow light to filter through the steps, ensuring each step is sufficiently well-lit.

Valtra remains one step ahead

When things become routine, concentration can suffer, and accidents can happen. Entering and exiting your tractor is something you do every day, (maybe many times), and could potentially be a source of injury. Luckily, Valtra’s cabs are designed with safe access in mind. From an easily accessed cabin, to gently inclined steps that are wide and illuminated, you can be sure Valtra tractors provide safe access every day.

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