Clear Future Direction for Chandlers

Long-established dealers Lister Wilder and Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd combined their AGCO businesses earlier this year, and the move is already providing advantages for customers.

“It was a great opportunity,” explained Chandlers FV (Fendt and Valtra) sales director Ian Nutt. “Both were family-owned, third-generation businesses and loyal AGCO dealers. AGCO’s Route 66 strategy separates Massey Ferguson from Fendt and Valtra so that depots can specialise, and Chandlers’ acquisition of Lister Wilder made it easier to restructure the 12 depots serving our trading area.”

Since the acquisition, stocks of Valtra tractors, parts and accessories have increased. A larger Valtra demonstration fleet makes it easier for customers to try models of interest, and more premium brand implement franchises are available. Staff recruitment and retention is a priority and a new Chandlers Apprentice Programme aims to attract and train more engineers. Precision farming specialists are also being recruited, and investment in an RTK network for customers will ensure signal availability across the trading area.

Valtra brand dealer principal Sean Stanfield expects a busy autumn. “The Valtra line-up is brilliant, and the new G-series has opened up a whole new market. Sales across the range are increasing with many replacing competitor brands,” he confirmed. “The latest 5th generation models offer class-leading design and technology and have won numerous awards, but we can still supply specifications to suit every customer - from simple mechanical transmission and hydraulics to full automation for maximum productivity.”

Combining the businesses of Lister Wilder and Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd earlier this year is already providing advantages for Valtra customers as increased investment allows depots and staff to specialise in the brand. Pictured are Chandlers FV Sales Director Ian Nutt (left) with Valtra brand Dealer Principal Sean Stanfield.

Six of the 12 Chandlers depots represent Valtra across the large trading area. All are at high profile sites and well situated for easy access.