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More productivity and profitability with smart farming technologies

Valtra technology solutions have been developed to make your life easier. Hop into the tractor cabin and with just the push of a button you can automate dull manual tasks and save hours, both in the cabin and after work. Explore our technology solutions and take full control of your tractor. These technologies can be built into our N, T & S series tractors.

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SmartTouch - Easier than your smartphone

Take your tractor to the next level with the Valtra SmartTouch armrest. Control all our smart farming functions using the 9-inch touchscreen, intelligent multiuse drive lever and hydraulic joystick. With its extremely simple user interface, SmartTouch brings easy living to your fingertips. 

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Valtra Guide

Let your tractor do the steering

Get your work done even in the most challenging conditions with our Valtra Guide steering solution. Valtra Guide uses satellite guidance to steer your tractor for you, helping you to be more productive. The automatic steering follows waylines precisely, maximising the cultivated area, reducing overlaps and saving time, fuel and money. And because you don’t have to focus on steering, you’ll be able to work longer with less fatigue and less effort.



With the best receivers and correction signals available, Valtra Guide follows waylines precisely to minimise overlaps and skips and get precise input placement from pass to pass with sub-meter to centimetre accuracy.


Valtra Guide provides accurate input even in dark, dusty or foggy conditions, day or night, because the satellite guidance pinpoints your exact location in the field. Get the job done faster and easier without sacrificing precision.


Valtra Guide saves you time, fuel and money. The increased accuracy reduces the costs of seeds, fertiliser and pesticides, resulting in a higher return on your investment. See example calculations of how much you stand to save by downloading our smart farming whitepaper.

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Download the whitepaper to see example calculations of how smart farming can benefit operations of all shapes and sizes. 


Smart control. Easy Connection.

With Valtra SmartTouch and ISOBUS, you can work with any ISOBUS-compatible implement, from any manufacturer. SmartTouch lets you connect implements quickly and easily, plus it gives you the high level of control that precision farming demands. The ISOBUS standard (ISO 11783) is what makes this possible. The SmartTouch armrest works as an ISOBUS terminal. When you give the command, your implement gets the message immediately. ISOBUS also makes compatible implements “Plug and Play”, so when you connect the implement to your Valtra tractor, all the relevant machine data is uploaded to the terminal immediately.


No need to have multiple screens

Using the SmartTouch terminal as the ISOBUS terminal means you don’t need to have an expensive, separate screen for each individual implement. This saves time and money, plus it keeps your cab uncluttered. In addition, by simply plugging the implement’s ISOBUS connector to the back of the tractor, it uploads all information to the SmartTouch terminal – no extra cables, no extra brackets and no extra stress!

Always the right parameters

SmartTouch gives you full control of your ISOBUS compatible implements, enabling all the task parameters to be set correctly according to precision maps for each field.


Automatic precision. Better Yields.

With AgControl your tractor and your implements are precisely and automatically controlled to deliver the optimum seed and fertiliser rates to each part of each field. This helps you reduce input costs, improve yields and maximise your profits.


High precision with less effort

AgControl Section is the best section control system on the market. It automatically turns rows and boom sections on and off to eliminate overlap and avoid gaps. AgControl Section makes it easy to plan, save and recall work and settings for each field. AgControl Section gives you high precision, even with large implements and even in poor visibility. AgControl Section works with all compatible ISOBUS implements that comply with the ISO 11783 standard and that support Section Control functionality.


Connect your farm office and your tractor wirelessly

With TaskDoc® there’s less paperwork. Just start working and all the documentation you need will be created automatically. When you’re finished, the documentation will be wirelessly transferred to your farm management system (FMS). Plan variable rate maps in the farm office and transfer them to your tractor for automatic control. TaskDoc® is easy and intuitive.



TaskDoc records your tasks automatically and transfers the information wirelessly to your FMS. This ensures that your data is always safe and secure. 


You can access your data anytime, anywhere, via the FMS in your farm office and SmartTouch in your vehicle. Wherever you are, you will always know what to do next.


Automated documentation means your records for each field will always be accurate, helping you comply with regulations.

Valtra Connect

Keep track of your tractor

Valtra Connect is a telemetry solution that records tractor activity and GPS movements continuously. It can display history and real time data on your mobile device, and you can access the data anytime, anywhere. This data enables you and your Valtra service partner to anticipate maintenance needs and react faster to solve minor issues and avoid extra visits to your authorised service centre.

Valtra Connect also lets you manage your tractor fleet, letting you follow how productive contractors are, which work has been completed, and what still needs to be done. It gives you the information you need to ensure optimum utilisation rates, reduce contractor costs and improve uptime.

Technology Solutions

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