Valtra aims to offer the Best Tractor Experience

New strategy and new look

28 August 2020

Valtra has set a new vision to offer its customers the best tractor user experience in the industry. The new vision encompasses the total user experience rather than focusing on the tractor alone.

Today’s farmers have a growing need to increase the traceability of their products and the resources used with them. Contractors operating several machines in agriculture and forestry, at airports and for municipal tasks also want to optimise the use of their tractors. Valtra is meeting these different needs by introducing new types of services.

“It all starts from knowing the needs of our customers and working together with our partners to meet these diverse needs. Thanks to our Unlimited Studio, we are already the market leader in customer-tailored tractors. A quarter of all new Valtra tractors are customised at the studio. We want to expand this tailor-made approach also to our digital services, precision farming features and financing, for example. Digitalisation in particular offers lots of new ways to surprise and delight the customer. In our experience, more and more customers are interested in advanced services as part of the ongoing agricultural revolution. The success of SmartTouch is a good example of how we have listened to our customers and brought to the market an easy-to-use customer experience as part of the transition towards precision farming. The focus is really on the customer and their needs – everything else supports this,” says Tommi Malinen, Director, Key Accounts and Strategy. 

The success of SmartTouch is a good example of how we have listened to our customers and brought to the market an easy-to-use customer experience

The best customer experience is being created together with AGCO, suppliers, the sales network and other partners at the factory, in R&D, in maintenance services, in spare parts and among dealers.

Together with the launch of the 5th generation G Series, a new look is being unveiled for the Valtra brand. While many elements will remain the same, such as the logo and the Your Working Machine slogan, many details are also changing. The new look marks a continuation of Valtra’s clear and streamlined Nordic brand image.

“Our new visual image has been designed to be more flexible for use in different applications, especially digital ones. It also communicates more strongly Valtra features: “Purpose-built, robust and user-friendly solutions for extreme applications,” says Pamela Engels, Senior Manager, Communications & Digital Marketing.

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