Release Notes

Release SmartTouch SW version Technology Features N T
February 2019 SW 2.3.4 Variable Rate Control x x x
    SmartTouch Extend x x x
    Front implement menu x x x
May 2019 SW 2.3.7 SW improvement x x x
June 2019 SW 2.3.8 SW improvement x x x
August 2019 SW 2.4.2 Valtra Guide, USB data transfer - tasks and profiles x x x
    New driving display info quadrant x x x
    Different sounds for Valtra Guide x x x
November 2019 SW 2.4.3 Automatic field detection x x x
    USB data transfer - Field exchange x x x
    Auto Offset x x x
    Tramline marking x x x
    Boundary recording based on implement x x x
    Renaming of fields and waylines x x x
February 2020 SW 2.4.4 ISOBUS AUX      
    Wayline Assistant x x  
    Save wayline with offset as a new wayline x x  

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