valtra n4 series on the field working with frontloader

N 104

115 HP

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The Valtra N Series

The N Series is compact in size, with the best power/size ration in its class. Agil and lightweight machine with perfect ergonomics and comfort makes working easy and productive. And, with the robust and reliable construction, 600 hours’ service interval and low fuel consumption, the total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.

Drives like a small tractor, but works like a big one.

Specialize in Everything. Compromise in nothing.

valtra n4 series at forestry work


On your land, no two days are alike. That’s why we build each N Series tractor to excel in all imaginable tasks, from mixed farming to municipal work and dairy farming to contracting. Specify rugged bottom protection for forestry and other demanding tasks.

two valtra n4 series tractors working with frontloader


The N Series is built with the power to handle it all. Up to 78 kN of lift capacity gets things up, while the optimal wheelbase and balanced weight distribution keep all four wheels on the ground. Up to 200 l/min hydraulics, combined with front and rear PTO, provide the power to handle your implements.

valtra n4 series on a muddy field ploughing with dual wheels

Impressive Agility

With a 4.5-meter turning radius and adjustable QuickSteer functionality, you get extreme agility, even when working with the integrated front loader with hydraulic assistant. TwinTrac allows you to perform even better in reverse.

a girl inside valtra n4 series cabin

Economic Contracting

The Eco mode can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 10%, also in pulling and PTO work.


Unbeatable Range of Choice

Valtra n4 series hitech active versu direct comparison



5PS, with open centre 73/90-litre hydraulics

Mechanical hydraulic controls

Smaller HiTechs are also available with a turbine clutch option, providing extra convenience and precision for front loader and municipality applications. The transmission control is robotized, so there are no mechanical gear levers.


5PS, with load sensing hydraulics

Mechanical hydraulic controls

Valtra Active is a revolutionary powershift technology with load-sensing hydraulics at up to 200 l/minute, with separate hydraulic and transmission oils. These tractors can be equipped with a control armrest that lets you operate all speeds with the small gear lever and the cruise control.


5PS, with load-sensing hydraulics

Electrical hydraulic controls

Valtra SmartTouch Armrest with display

Easy transmission and hydraulic settings

Valtra Versu is the king of the new generation powershift transmissions, with electronic hydraulic control, hydraulic assistant, 115, 160 or 200 litre output, and separate hydraulic and transmission oils. It operates with the drive lever in automatic or manual mode. By choosing the Versu transmission, you get the power of powershift and the comfort of CVT in one package.


CVT with load-sensing hydraulics

Electrical hydraulic controls

Valtra SmartTouch Armrest with display

This is the flagship of the range. The drive lever control lets you adjust acceleration and deceleration with your right hand. The versatile velocity setups have been further developed, and we even offer manual transmission control, which is needed for some special crops.

valtra n4, t4, s4 series with smarttouch on a field


Command your N Series tractor by the unique Valtra SmartTouch armrest. It brings all tractor functions within easy reach and allows for a full customization of function buttons and user profiles, making the N Series perfectly suited for your individual needs.


Specialize in everything. Compromise in nothing.

valtra n4 series blue in a studio

Factory Fitted

Tailor your tractor from hundreds of factory-fitted options together with your Valtra dealer or online. This is how we ensure that you will get the working machine that matches your needs exactly.

valtra n4 series with a snow plough working

VALTRA Unlimited

With the Valtra Unlimited service you have unlimited possibilities. Design a unique package with a special paint and chrome exhaust pipes. Add a little luxury with leather upholstery and tinted windows. For a better fit to your business applications, add additional work lights, hydraulic pumps, special hitches or forest equipment. Each Unlimited feature is installed at the factory and covered by the factory warranty.

Technical specifications

  Max Power with boost (ISO 14396) Model Types    
Model HP kW NM Active Versu Direct HiTech
N104 115 85 510       x
N114e 125 92 540       x
N124 135 99 580       x
N134 145 107 620 x x x x
N154e 165 121 660 x x x x
N174 201 148 800 x x x x






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