Valtra tractors are renowned for their reliability and economy also when it comes to maintenance and service.

The tractors are designed for easy maintenance and good accessibility to service points. In turn, this results in low running costs of the tractor, as maintenance is not time consuming and does not interrupt your working time.

Look after your tractor - just five routine checks

Operators of the new N Series need to make just
five routine checks to keep their tractor in perfect running order.
Tractor maintenance does not get any easier than this!

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Professional Maintenance Service

The Valtra Training Centre at the Suolahti factory in Finland is responsible for the training of our international servicing and spare parts personnel. Centralised training ensures high-quality and consistent servicing, as well as a rapid flow of information from our customers to the entire Valtra organisation.

We recommend that you rely on the well-trained, professional Valtra service dealer who has the right tools and equipment to tackle any service item in your tractor. While allowing our trained professionals to take the responsibility for the maintenance, you can concentrate on your own work.

Valtra Premium Care

Valtra Premium Care allows you to anticipate flexibly the maintenance costs of your investment so that you can better manage your production costs. Regular maintenance and a full service history help maximise the resale value of your tractor. Valtra Premium Care also lets you minimise the lifecycle costs of your tractor.

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Regular Maintenance Pays Back

Regular and thorough maintenance prolong the reliable operation of your Valtra tractor. Maintenance costs are small compared with repair costs resulting from lack of maintenance. The most important measures are those which you carry out yourself, including lubrication and various checks and adjustments.

You can find detailed service and maintenance instructions in your operator's manual or on the page My Valtra machine.

Out of Season Inspection

There is no trying. There is just doing. An out of season inspection puts YOU in control. Of your costs. Of your uptime.  


An out of season inspection means:

1. A no obligation, comprehensive fault and condition report

2. Minimum deterioration of your machine during winter storage

3. Reduced risk of costly and time consuming downtime

4. A speedier start up next season

5. Peak machine efficiency


Call your Valtra dealer for an out of season inspection today.


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